The Missing Link to
Shoulder Pain!

Do you have shoulder pain? Are you a CrossFitter? A weightlifter? Or when you work out in general you can’t get your arms overhead without any pain. You may even experience pinching or just a nagging pain right in the front of your shoulder.

Although this pain is present in the front aspect of the shoulder the real cause of this pain may not be the shoulder but rather your shoulder blades. What this can mean is that when trying to move the arms overhead, the shoulder blades on your back are not moving quite like they should be. This can cause different muscles in the shoulder to overcompensate and create nagging shoulder pain.

Oftentimes, we see people where shoulder blades either don’t move when they lift their arm overhead or the opposite issue and the shoulder blade moves too much when they lift their arm. our CHIROPRACTIC SERVICES combined with Active Release Techniques and personal training with corrective exercises can help! 

If you're curious how chiropractic and Active Release Technique can help your shoulder pain, read on!

Scapular CARs

Scapular CARs is an exercise we like to prescribe when we are dealing with patients with shoulder pain. CARs is an acronym that stands for Controlled Articular Rotation which is just a fancy way to say we are really focusing on moving and controlling our scapula through its entire range of motion

How to perform scapular CARs

  1. Start your shoulders and scapulae in a neutral position
  2. Shrug your shoulders up towards your ears
  3. Roll your shoulders forward
  4. Pull them all the way down towards the ground

After doing a couple of reps in that order, then do a couple of reps in reverse.

ATYT Exercises

You will need some sort of resistance bands set up at about eye level in front of you. Always start with a “home base” position of your arms straight out in front of you, elbows locked and shoulders pulled slightly down away from your ears.

How to perform ATYT exercises

“A” Position 

  1. Pull your shoulders down and together
  2. Pull your hands toward your hips 

“T” Position

  1. Pull your shoulder blades together
  2. Pull your hands straight out to the side, parallel with the ground

“Y” Position

  1. Pull your arms overhead so that they make a “Y”

Repeat the “T” position

Banded Pull Apart

With a medium to lightweight band…

  1. Hold the band out in front of you at eye level
  2. Elbows fully extended or “locked out”
  3. Palms facing toward the floor
  4. Pull your hands away from each other by squeezing your shoulder blades together
  5. Rotate your hands towards the sky as you pull the band apart


Try those exercises out and see if it helps with your nagging shoulder pain. If you need help with any of the exercises, give me a call. We also do personal training in our office. We can help you with technique too.

Chiropractic treatments for plantar fasciitis

We’re often asked if chiropractic is good for plantar fasciitis, and we’re happy to report it is. If caught early enough, a chiropractor can use methods to align and strengthen the foot so it can support you properly. 


Some of the chiropractic treatments to cure shoulder pain include:

  • Adjustments to the shoudler- realigning the tissues of the shoudler can help reduce pain and regain proper motion and flexibility
  • Spinal adjustments- if the spine is not aligned correctly, it can cause pressure on the shoulder, and pain can be the result
  • Stretches- performing specific foot stretches that eliminate pressure on the plantar fascia; these are done in our clinic and at home
  • Exercises- specially designed exercises that enhance strength, mobility, and healing
  • Sports chiropractic - solutions provided to athletic patients that utilize a full-body approach to your care, enhancing performance and finding balance 
  • Soft tissue treatments- help restore the function of the soft tissues. We use Active Release Technique and Graston Technique. 

At Invictus Chiropractic, we know that you want to live in comfort and enjoy your physical activities, and we want to help make that happen. We’ll design a treatment plan around your needs and use solutions that complement each other for the most effective recovery process. 

The takeaway 

Don’t take risks with your health. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, come visit our Centennial chiropractic clinic. Maybe the cause of your discomfort isn’t serious, but wouldn’t you rather know? 

We’re ready to get you moving pain-free and confidently. Contact us today, and let’s start. 

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