Preparing Yourself for a Healthy Ski Season!

It's now winter in Colorado, and that can only mean one thing, it is the skiing and snowboarding season.

I want you guys to go out, have a good time, hit the slopes, and shred. The problem is sometimes you may not be prepared for these awesome activities. That's where we can help with the combination of chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Techniques, and corrective exercises that can strengthen your low back, your hips, and your knees. That way you're less likely to get injured on the slopes. We can help you learn how to stabilize your knees and strengthen your hips. Let's get you prepped to move and flow and groove and hit the slopes and all the jumps that you possibly want with less risk of injury. 

Common Ski Injuries: Knee Pain

Knee injuries that come with skiing and snowboarding oftentimes deal with our hips being either less mobile or not as strong as they need to be. Common structures that are damaged with knee injuries can either be the ACL or the MCL.

These structures can be damaged by either a tear or a sprain when the knee plants and twists causing excessive valgus stress on the knee joint. Valgus stress is when the knee is pushed toward the midline of the body. This combination of excessive valgus with weight on the knee can lead to potential damage to the ACL, MCL, and sometimes medial meniscus is called the athlete’s triad. To help decrease the chances of this happening, we use some strengthening exercises for your hips so that you can control your knee better. 

Exercises: Standing Fire Hydrant Glute Bridge

Common Ski Injuries: Low Back Pain

Here at Invictus Chiropractic we see a lot of low back injuries that come from people who may be less than prepared to go skiing. 



Maybe you didn't quite keep up with your off season, that's okay. Check out the video above for two great exercises to help you prepare your back for the ski and snowboard season!These exercises may help prepare your low back for the unexpected fall while out on the slopes, improve your low back stability and your hip strength and control. 

If you want more help getting ready for ski season, give us a call. We have helped many people reach their goals of skiing without pain. 

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