Recovery Tips for CrossFit Open Workout 19.5

This is the fifth and final workout of the CrossFit Games Open 2018! We’ve made it! We’re done and hopefully coming on a well-deserved deload week, or at least a little easier than normal.

19.5 is much simpler than other workouts of this Open season, but simple and easy are NOT the same thing in this case! Basically, turn it on, and hold on for dear life. Read below for my tips on how to recover from 19.5. I doubt you’ll want to do this one again. I know I don’t!

For those who missed it, 19.5 is below:

CrossFit Open 19.5 (20:00 time cap)


Thrusters - 95/65

Chest to bar pull-ups

Up Dog / Down Dog

This is one of the foundational poses in yoga, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use them in CrossFit! I love flowing through up dog and down dog to loosen up my spine and get a little bit of blood flow and activation into the shoulders. Here’s a video to walk you through this gentle stretch.

PVC Around the World and Pass Through

The combination of thrusters and pull-ups places a ton of stress on the shoulders and we’re going to want a gentle stretch that takes your shoulders through a full range of motion. The PVC pass through and around the worlds are a staple in most CrossFit gyms, so you’re probably aware of how to do them. If not, here’s the video for this progression.


4-Way Wrist

Holy grip fatigue, Batman! This workout absolutely torched my grip, but that’s a weak spot in my game for sure. The four-way wrist series will be a great way to stretch out the wrists and forearms. If you plan on re-testing this workout, be sure to let your grip recover! Here’s a video to show you how to do that.

Cossack Lunge

This is one of my favorite movements because it has a ton of benefits! We’re working on our adductor mobility, hip mobility, core stability, and getting some blood back into those quads. That workout reall got my legs pumped, so this will be a great one to calm them down. This is also a very challenging movement, so focus on deep, calm belly breaths. Click this link for a video to walk you through progressions.


This one was the very definition of a burner and suck-fest. I was coughing for a few hours afterwards (Fran lung!) so I know my lungs were on fire, so a nice long walk or slow, steady pedal on a bike will go a long way here.

Get Adjusted!

Chiropractic adjustments can help you recover not just your spine, but your nervous system too. Our office specializes in athletic performance.


My recovery workout for 19.4







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