Recovery Tips for CrossFit Open workout 19.3

We’ve officially made it past the half-way mark in the Open! Congratulations!

19.3 was just announced and if you were anything like me, your shoulders were smoked! Read below for my tips on how to recover from 19.3 so you can train this week or re-test the workout in a few days! This one looks to be pretty re-testable, so learn from your first attempt, recover, and go get a better score!

For those who missed it, 19.3 is below:

CrossFit Open 19.3

For time: (10:00 Time cap)

200’ Dumbbell overhead lunge

50 Dumbbell box step ups

50 strict handstand push-ups

200’ Handstand Walk

Neck Retraction/Extension With a Band

I’ve seen many people get a little over zealous when it comes to handstand push-ups and end up landing on their head a little harder than intended. Our necks aren’t really designed to have a lot of load place on them, especially dynamically. Often times that can cause the nice C-shaped curve in our neck to reverse under load, and that’s not good. This exercise should be done any time after you do HSPU in a workout to help strengthen the neck, retrain your position (posture), and recover from the movement and demands placed on your neck during a workout with HSPU.


Open Book/Half Moon

The overhead walking lunges and HSPU will place a ton of sustained pressure on your upper back and low neck. These two gentle movements will help everything loosen up and allow you to do the next exercise a little easier. Start with the open book and if you can do that easily, move on to the half moons. Do this one nice and slow, paying close attention to your breath. Here’s the video for this progression.


Thoracic Peanut

After the last two movements, you should be ready for the peanut. This one is a staple in a lot of my rehab protocols. You’ll need two tennis balls or two lacrosse balls taped together. Here’s a video to show you how to do that. Note that two lacrosse balls will be a lot more intense than tennis balls. This protocol will be pretty great.

Couch Stretch

Lets help your hip flexors and quads recover. Grab a bench, couch, friend, or chair and stretch out your quads and hip flexors. This will be pretty vital, especially if you plan on re-testing this one. Most people are familiar with this one, but if not click this link for a video.

Get Adjusted!

This workout is very intense on the spine. Loading from the top down, sustained loaded extension, and- let’s be honest here - lots of extension while grinding through the HSPU can very easily lead to spinal fixations, pain, and dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustments can help you recover not just your spine, but your nervous system too. Our office specializes in athletic performance.



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