Rcovery Tips for CrossFit Open workout 19.2

Two workouts of the 2019 CrossFit Open down, and 3 to go. This is a pseudo-repeat of Open workout 16.2.

For those who missed it, 19.2 is below:


CrossFit Open 19.2

Earn Your Reps in 4:00 blocks:

25 Toes to Bar

50 Double Unders

Squat Cleans - ascending weight with descending reps each round

If you were anything like me, your legs were blown up! Read below for my tips on how to recover from 19.2 so you can train this week or re-test the workout in a few days! If you’re re-testing this one, you might want to consider doing this protocol a few times between now and your do-over. You’re going to be pretty sore after this one.

Four-Way Wrist

This is a seriously grippy workout! 25 toes to bar for 3-5 rounds can really add up. Add in a bunch of cleans, and your grip is going to be shot. Usually in workouts like this my grip and forearm endurance is a limiting factor. I like to use the four-way wrist stretch to help loosen up my forearms. This can also help your front rack position if you struggle with mobility there. Here is a video showing this simple stretch.

Inchworms to Toe Touch

75+ TTB is a lot of spinal flexion, so you’re probably going to have a pretty tight back. Try love this one! This movement builds upon the downward dog yoga position but adds in some active shoulder reaches. This will help loosen up your hamstrings and low back after all those toes to bars. Remember to move slowly and under control, actively reaching into the floor to engage your shoulders and pushing yourself back with active shoulders and protected neck.






Spiderman Lunge

Here’s another great one that hits multiple sore spots after this workout. The long lunge position will help your hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors while the big twist will help your entire spine and small hip muscles recover. You can even step it up by doing the inchworm plus toe touch and then kicking one leg back into the lunge and going right into the Spiderman lunge! C-c-c-combo moves for the win! Here’s a good video to help you out.

Couch Stretch

Lets help your hip flexors and quads recover. Grab a bench, couch, friend, or chair and stretch out your quads and hip flexors. This will be pretty vital, especially if you plan on re-testing this one. Most people are familiar with this one, but if not click this link for a video.

Walk the dog!

I know I had this on last week’s post, but here in Denver, we got a foot of snow and temps in the single digits most of the week. Unfortunately for River, I’m not going to be taking her on a long walk in those conditions. So, I’m putting this in here again this week! A long walk is good for everyone, and has many health benefits beyond recovering from an intense workout.

The soreness really sets in with inactivity. So if you can, treat the dog to a nice long walk. If you don’t have a dog, the Denver Dumb Friends League can help you out!


What will 19.4 throw at us? Devil’s press? DB Box step overs? Antifreeze jugs?Stay tuned next week for my 19.4 recovery tips.

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