Recovery Tips for CrossFit Open workout 19.1

The first workout of the 2019 CrossFit Open has now come and gone. Oh my quads, that was a burner! For those who missed it, 19.1 was a simple couplet of wall balls and rowing. But anyone with experience in CrossFit knows that simple and easy are NOT the same thing.



CrossFit Open 19.1


19 Wall Balls

19 Cals Rower

The common denominator here is QUADS! Read below for my recovery tips to put 19.1 behind you and still be able to train this week so we can be ready for whatever 19.2 has to throw at us (Devil’s press? DB Box step overs? Antifreeze jugs?

Foam rolling your quads

I use foam rolling not to “break up adhesions,” but to allow for blood flow into and out of the muscle to be more efficient. Blood flow brings in good stuff and carries out the gunk and metabolic byproducts. Here’s a quick video showing how to foam roll your quads

tib anterior.jpg

Lacrosse ball to the front of your shin

There’s a fun little muscle called the tibialis anterior. It lives on the front of your shin. Did you have some burning and aching in the front of your shin right above your ankle while you were rowing? Yeah, me too. Those foot straps just slow you down! Let’s bust out the lacrosse ball to work on this area since foam rolling it is kind of awkward. Click this link to learn how to roll out your tib anterior. It’s kind of tricky.





Thoracic spine peanut

When you’re done with the lacrosse ball, grab another and tape them together so they look like a peanut. Use the peanut like a fulcrum to help you loosen up your mid-back. All that pulling and catching can lock up the joints in your mid back and make you all stiff. Here’s a good video to walk you through the process

Snow angel

My shoulders get lit up with that many wall balls. Here’s a quick and simple exercise to help get some movement back in the shoulders. Stay nice and light on this.

Brettzel 2.0

Ahh…. my favorite stretch! 20 breaths per side will help with just about everything! Use your foam roller for support

Walk the dog!

Last but not least, get some walking in! The soreness really sets in with inactivity. So if you can, treat the dog to a nice long walk. If you don’t have a dog, the Denver Dumb Friends League can help you out!

Stay tuned for my recovery tips for 19.2 next week!

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