Squatting 101

The barbell back squat is a fantastic way to build strength, confidence, and overall fitness. One crucial mistake many make when squatting is collapsing forward during the back squat. When you collapse forward during a squat, you are putting yourself at a mechanical disadvantage by pulling the weight of the bar further away from midline. This puts you at a higher risk of injury.

We paired up with MJ from MJ Fit Denver help teach you how to squat. In this video we go over common errors we both see, how to do a proper warm up, and how to reduce the risk of injury. Check it out!

Reasons you may be collapsing forward:

1. The weight is too heavy
2. Muscles in the back lacking strength
3. Poor mechanics
4. Not warmed up 

Squat day warm-up
One of the risks you can easily control is to make sure you have a proper warm-up. First, you are going to want to do some type of cardio to get yourself moving and the muscles warm. This can be a light jog, bike or any cardio machine to get your muscles warm and your blood flowing. After you have some blood flowing, we like to suggest a couple dynamic stretches to get the muscles primed for squatting.

Dynamic Warm-up:
1. Spider-man lunge
2. Open books
3. Glute Bridges
4. Bird Dogs

Check out our own Exercise Library for video demonstrations for each movement above.

A good dynamic warm up and proper technique are essential to safe workouts. In our Centennial, Colorado chiropractor office we tend to see injuries occur when people either don't warm up, use poor technique, or choose weights that are beyond their capacity in that moment. These injuries are typically low back pain, hip pain, or knee pain. 

Check out our video to see the tips and tricks on performing these exercises for a dynamic squat warm-up.

If you are in the Centennial, CO area and looking for a great personal trainer who specialises in training women and children, check out MJ Fit!

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