Dr. Cuiffo has a rare combination of scholastic knowledge and sports understanding. That coupled with his genuine caring for his patients puts him in a category way above the rest. I was experiencing a painful shoulder which threatened to take me out of an upcoming CrossFit competition. Over just a few weeks, his combination of adjustments, treatments and ‘homework’ exercises helped me become pain-free, even landing a spot on the podium at my competition.
— Peggy G.

On an extended business trip to Japan I was suffering from an old shoulder injury. I was referred to a chiropractor who specialized in Active Release Technique (ART). That Dr. was able to provide some relief and partially improve my mobility. Upon return to the US I was determined to find another Dr. who practices ART. I was fortunate to find Dr. Cuiffo. Working with Drew over a couple of months greatly improved my mobility and alleviated my pain.
— Dan S.

Dr. Cuiffo always took a complete and thorough approach to correcting what bothered me and helped me with strategies to prevent newer problems. I never felt like I was being “put through the paces.” I always felt like we were on the same team and would recommend him to anyone
— Bobby S.

Dr. Drew is very likable and has great energy as a person and a trainer. He balances professionalism and his extensive knowledge to both challenge his clients while also keeping them safe and healthy. His passion is inspiring and he is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with!
— Jess T.

From the first day I met him, Dr. Drew was very motivating and always made sure we were doing our moves correctly, if not he would help you with them. I had been experiencing some low back pain and was seeing a chiropractor. I wasn’t getting any better and was told to never lift anything heavy again. Drew got me the help I needed and had a stayed under the care with my former chiropractor I would’ve been in worse shape. I am not only grateful for his advice as a coach, but his caring and knowledge as a chiropractor.
— Cindy W.

I had the pleasure of being coached by Dr. Cuiffo at my CrossFit gym in Marietta, Georgia. During this time, Dr. Cuiffo shared his vast knowledge of Olympic lifting with a specific emphasis on proper form and mobility. More importantly, Dr. Cuiffo showed that he truly cares about his athletes and patients. I am honored to call Dr. Cuiffo a friend and I strongly recommend him to anyone in need of chiropractic care.
— Justin M.