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Are you tired of low back pain forcing you to put your life on hold? Are you finding yourself making excuses as to why you can't go and do the things you love? Have you tried everything and find that the pain still comes back every day? You don't have to live in pain! Your body has a remarkable ability to heal, adapt, and strengthen itself. Sometimes, we just need some guidance on the journey to health and wellness. Click below to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our doctor!

Almost everyone will experience at least one episode of low back pain in their life time. In fact, low back pain is listed as the number one cause of missed work days world wide and costs Americans an average of $50 BILLION per year. Low back pain has a high rate of recurrence, meaning many people who experience low back pain are likely to develop it again in their life times, often becoming a chronic issue.  Fortunately, these issues don't have to be debilitating for long, not do the have to be chronic. You have the power to heal and form new strategies to avoid the pain recurring. Of course, low back pain is a complex topic and every case is unique, but there are some similarities among people. 



Mechanical Back Pain

Most low back pain is mechanical in nature, meaning the nervous system or tissues have become more sensitive to certain motions or positions, and we may perceive that as pain. This can be a result of real, structural damage such as a disc herniation, or it can functional in nature such as pain with a golf swing. At Invictus Chiropractic, we take an individualized approach to caring for low back pain which includes finding the source of your pain and helping to eliminate any road blocks to healing. We will take a thourough history and focused examination to find the source of pain and formulate the best course of action for you based on your goals, needs, and desires. 


Structural Low Back Pain

Sometimes there is a true injury to one of the physical structures in the low back. Discs, ligaments, and the bones themselves may become damaged. This type of pain may go away on its own, but has a high risk of coming back later if the causes of pain are not addressed. 


Functional Low back pain

We often hear patients say something like "it hurts whenever I do this motion" or "If I sit/drive/stand for longer than a few minutes I get this pain in my back." These types of phrases are typical of functional low back pain and often times exercises and different lifestyle approaches can help allieviate pain. Frequently, the low back is not the culprit! Our body uses pain as a form of communication when a certain area of the body is over worked because something else isn't working as well as it should. Sometimes we can help low back pain by working on someone's ankles!