What to Expect on Your First Visit

You are a unique person with a unique history, needs, and requirements. We set aside 45 minutes to get to know you well and to get the entire picture of your situation. Our new patient exam includes a blood pressure screening, postural analysis, comprehensive movement analysis, and orthopedic and/or neurological testing based on your condition. With the time remaining we will provide a treatment session. Shorts and a tank top or similar are highly encouraged for your first visit.

In order to make your first visit as smooth and efficient as possible, we ask that you fill out our intake forms at least 24 hours in advance, if possible. They are found on this page.

Will I need X-Rays?

Maybe. Imaging (x-rays, MRI, CT Imaging, etc.) is determined on a case by case basis informed by the results of your exam and your needs, goals, and condition. We refer out to Touchstone Imaging for all of our imaging needs. See their website for information regarding insurance and other payment methods for your imaging.

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