We believe healthcare should be simple and transparent, so here are our prices. You will never be surprised by a bill in the mail, nor will you ever receive phone calls from us asking for payment. No secrets, no gimmicks, no pressure. Just great service.

Effective January 3rd. 2022 our rates are as follows:

  • One (1) Servide: $60 - Scheduled for 10 minutes

    •  Includes an adjustment OR Active Release Techniques

  • Two (2) Services: $80 - Scheduled for 15 minutes

    • Includes an adjustment AND Active Release Techniques

  • Three (3) Services: $100 - Scheduled for 30 minutes

    •  Includes an adjustment, soft tissue, AND rehab exercises

  • New patient evaluation (60 min): $99 - Scheduled for 60 Minutes

    • Includes Consultation, evaluation, AND treatment if appropriate 

  • Packages: 

    5x 1-Service Sessions: $270 ($54 per visit; 10% off)

    10x 1-Service Sessions: $510 ($51 per visit; 15% off)

    5x 2-Service Sessions: $360 ($72/session; 10% off)

    10x 2-Service visits: $680 ($68/session; 15% off)

    Personal Training Services:

    • 30-Minute Session: $75


    5x 30-Minute PT Sessions: $337.50 ($67.50 per visit; 10% off)

    10x 30-Minute PT Sessions: $637.50 ($63.75 per visit; 15% off)

    Consultations/Conversations: always free in this office. Please schedule in advance.

    Wellness Memberships:

    The Unconquerable Package: Weekly personal training + Hands-on care every two weeks

    • Individual - $315 per month | Couples - $567 per month

    • The Champion Package: Hands-on care every two weeks + Monthly personal training

      • Individual - $150 per month | Couples - $270 per month

    • The Warrior Package: Weekly personal training with no hands-on care included

      • Individual - $240 per month | Couples - $423 per month 

    Training Programs:

    • Fix your low back: 20x 30-minute training sessions: $1,200 (20% off)

Do you accept my insurance?

 At Invictus Chiropractic, we believe in spending quality time with each patient and providing the best care we possibly can. Therefore, we are out of network with all insurance companies and we require payment at the time of service. We do this because insurance companies dictate the type of care we can provide and we will not let anyone stand between us and those who trust us with their health. We are able to provide the highest quality of care by being out of network, truly allowing us to serve you best and without interference.

If you have out of network benefits, we can provide you what is is known as a “super bill.” You can use this to submit a claim to your insurance company and they may send you a check in the mail for what is covered by your plan.

What about auto crashes?

We do accept med-pay! Most auto insurance policies cover injuries sustained in a car crash and we are able to access these benefits. Generally, you will not pay any money out of pocket for our care and we can provide the care you need at our highest quality to get you back to action as soon as possible.