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The Five Pillars of Health - Movement

So much has been written, discussed, and argued online about what is the “best” workout program to promote health. Is it marathon training? Powerlifting? Yoga? Athletic training? Elliptical vs. treadmill vs. bike? Well, the answer to that question is “Yes!” I will outline a great reason why incorporating aspects of all these things is what will be best for health. First, there is some something I need to clarify.

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Here’s what you need to have your best CrossFit Open performance.

There’s no way around it; these next 5 weeks are going to be tough. The workouts will challenge you to find gears you didn’t know you have and to perform movements you may not usually do – who else got their first muscle up in the Open? I did! In order to perform your best and to reduce your risk of injury, these 4 things will be key over the next few weeks.

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